Technology Knowledge Strategic Partnership (TKSP):

Under TKSP, BAIF-Odisha is implementing the following components:
  • Development of Chiplima Farm for Foundation Seeds & Planting Materials
  • Training, Capacity Building, Strengthening of State Farms:
  • Embryo Transfer Technology

Development of Chiplima Farm:

Under this programme 40 Hectares of barren land of State Livestock Breeding Farm of Government is developed into fodder seed and planting material production farm at Chiplima in Sambalpur district. The farm is of 40ha. and divided into 30 sub plots with a boundary wall of 2614 mtr. To cater the need of quality seed and planting material in the state BAIF- Odisha has undertaken this programme to produce improved seeds. For this we undertook Land development, Water resource (Irrigation) development and Infrastructure development work. Necessary machinery and equipment were procured and started production.

Training, Capacity Building, Strengthening of State Farms:

Under this programme BAIF experts have facilitated one batch of government officials in technical aspects to bring maximum of their Government farm lands under cultivation for production of seeds and planting materials suitable to existing agro-climatic condition. Training programme helps in strengthening the skills, knowledge and abilities of the staffs.

Embryo Transfer Technology

Under this programme Government of Odisha supposed to establish an ET Lab for producing bull mothers and breeding bulls of high genetic potential. BAIF has provided necessary consultancy services to OLRDS official for establishment of ET lab in Odisha.

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