Job ID: 14538
Position: Documentation and Communications Specialist

2. Educational background: Bachelors / Masters in Media / Mass Communication / Documentation / Development communications etc.

3. Job requirements:

  1. Full time employee with dedication and skill towards documentation, creative writing, photo, audio and video creation 
  2. Basic understanding of the rural development background
  3. Strong commitment and professional aptitude
  4. Minimum 2 years’ experience
  5. Able to join with one month’s notice

4. Responsibilities:

  1. Plan, execute and support media strategies
  2. Build and maintain excellent relationships with relevant journalists and news broadcaster
  3. Draft media announcements and releases
  4. Create organizational output, outcome and impact level documentation such as case studies, success stories, reports, visual media etc.
  5. Develop related infrastructure and systems within organization for media monitoring, online social media and information broadcast
  6. Develop an outreach plan to build relations with a network of standard and upcoming / innovative media and communication channels
  7. Actively create visibility opportunities for running programs
  8. Ensuring press and online platform information and marketing broadcast as planned
  9. Provide training and capacity building of project teams and support colleagues in media and documentation work
  10. Explore opportunities for new projects / collaborations from relevant print / electronic / social media platforms. 

5. Emoluments: CTC approximately 4-4.2 lacs pa or commensurate with experience and ability.

6. Association mode: Contract based association for one year which will be extended based on performance